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NY Gay Couple Attacked By Knicks Fans Following Game 1 Loss?!

gay couple assaulted by knicks fans

“I’ve never had a feeling like this before in the city,” Porto, 27, said. “I didn’t know that it’s not over, that this sort of stuff still happens.”

Porto, who was left with a broken nose, went on to note, “They called us faggots … I was so naive to think that things were better here.”- huffpost


The New York Post says the case was currently being investigated as “a possible bias attack,” although the DNA Info report cited officers who said it was too early to call it a hate crime.

ABC Local describes one suspect as a Hispanic man in his 20s with a tattoo on his forearm, and cites police who say several other Hispanic men were also involved.

First Gay Athlete Jason Collins to Headline Democratic National Fundraiser


ollowing the Knicks tough loss to the Pacers on Sunday evening at MSG, Knicks fans spilled out onto the streets after the game! Apparently, a group of four men (Knicks fans) bulldozed (attacked) a Brooklyn gay couple, Nick Porto and Kevin Atkins, to the ground! They hit them with such force that they broke the nose of Porto and the wrist of Atkins; all while uttering anti-gay slurs! The couple was shocked that this would still go on (in broad daylight) no less! The police are still searching for the culprits, but did get a photo of one of them (pic above)! The victims reported the incident to DNA info Matthew Katz! Check out details above! S/O to thatsenuff.com team finest @Uneeekay!!!

Do you think that these young Knicks fans did this because they were mad that the Knicks lost and wanted to take it out on someone? Do you  think that some young sports fans are trying to take out their disapproval of the Jason Collins story out on innocent (gay) bystanders? Would you consider this a bias attack or a hate crime? Give me feedback! Leave a comment below!