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Beyonce And Jay Expecting Baby #2 ?! [Photo]



Well that’s what Media Takeout is saying. Fan photo’s of Bey in a blue jumpsuit and what looks like a baby bump have recently been circulating around the web and the fact that photographers have been recently banned from the tour is adding even more to the speculation. Check out the Media Takeout Report below.

MediaTakeOut.com just got OFFICIAL WORD this morning – Beyonce and Jat Z are expecting another child together. We spoke with a QUASI-OFFICIAL member of Bey’s team who CONFIRMED IT.
And it gets better. The insider, who told us that Bey is “two months” pregnant, claims that Beyonce is NOT using outside photographers – in hopes that she can HIDE her pregnancy until she’s OUT of her first trimester. The insider explains, “Only photos that do not show her stomach up close are released to the public.”
We’re told that Bey planned on making the OFFICIAL announcement next month . . . at the BET AWARDS. But now that we’re BREAKING THE NEWS . . . it could be MUCH earlier.
By the way, this report is NOT speculation – it is FACT. Once it comes out – don’t forget where you heard it FIRST.
Congratulations to Beyonce and Jay – the TOP BALLER COUPLE IN THE GAME

Not sure how true this rumor is but Bey did recently say she wanted to have more Kids.

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