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Money Mayweather Stays Undefeated! Wins Unanimous Decision Over Guerrero! [Video]

Floyd Mayweather Jr., Robert Guerrero

“I needed my father tonight,” Mayweather said. “My defense was on point and he told me to stick with my defense and that the less you get hit the longer you last.”

“We did it again,” Mayweather said after earning at least $32 million for his night’s work. “I take my hat off to Robert Guerrero. He’s a true warrior.”

“I was looking for the knockout but I hurt my hand,” Mayweather said. “I feel bad I didn’t give the fans the knockout.” – espn

Mayweather Guerrero during bout

“I landed some good shots on him,” Guerrero said. “He’s a great fighter. He’s slick and quick.” – espn


he Money Team! Pow! Floyd Mayweather Jr. remains undefeated (now 44-0) after unanimously defeating Robert Guerrero in the 12-round PPV main event at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas last night! Money Mayweather took all three judge’s scorecards (117-111), and AP had it scored 119-109! Mayweather had his pops in the corner for the first time in 13 years, and his pops helped him utilize his defense effectively! Money minimized the damage he took by racing around the ring while landing jabs and right hand leads, and forcing Guerrero to chase him! Once Guerrero landed a flush shot, Mayweather would stop it with a punctual counter right hook! In the eighth round, Mayweather broke through and had Guerrero’s knees buckling about to hit the canvas – KO! Some fans began to boo in the late rounds, as the Mayweather started to run more than connect; Mayweather was already way ahead on the scorecard and said he looking KO but hurt his hand earlier in the bout! Mayweather bettered his record to a perfect 44-0, and Guerrero record dropped to (31-2-1); getting his first loss in eight years! Now, Money Mayweather may be able to fight as soon as September; just signing a BIG six-fight deal with Showtime Boxing! Check out some of live action on video below!

[youtube width=”625″ height=”425″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NT7pd_cEekY[/youtube]