Posted May 2, 2013 by Marie-D in Media

Meek Mill Shreds Reebok To Pieces: ‘You Fire Me, We’re Going To Tear Your Sh*t Back Down’



Meek Mill is standing for his boss, Rick Ross after he was booted from endorsement deal with Reeboks. Meek said he could not co-sign the company’s decision to instantly part ways with Miami rapper.

“F**k Reebok, we wear Pumas, that’s what we do. We wear Pumas. As far as Ross’ situation with Reebok, I just don’t approve of alone of that. I don’t approve of no companies trying to dib and dab in our culture and then when you make a mistake they dip out on you. They’re still making money off our brand. I’m very against that. Ross is off Reebok and Reebok is still going to make money off Ross. Before Rick Ross, Swizz Beatz and Tyga, it was no Reebok no more. These companies actually follow our culture and make money off of our culture and pay us like a pimp out. ‘This bitch ain’t working today. Put her off the strip.’ If you fire me, we’re going to tear your shit back down. Nobody’s wearing Reebok no more. Reebok ain’t cool. Don’t wear that.”

Meek publicly taunted the popular sneaker company’s brand and value, last month.

He tweeted:

“Reeboks right next 2 FILA when it come 2 sneaks that sh*t corny… I was only feeling swizz & tyga projects…. #boom,”


Source: Sohh