Posted May 1, 2013 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Steph Curry Yells At Fan After Warriors-Nuggets Game?! [Video]


teph Curry, the deep shooting prodigy, who just broke Ray Allen all-time season record (for three’s), got into it with a Nugget’s fan after last night’s Warriors-Nuggets Game 5 Playoff game! Without court mic’s, Curry claimed that the fan “said something dumb and I just told him to be quiet, that was it.” The Nuggets beat the Warriors, 107-100, as still trail in the series (2-3) to the Warriors; the two go back to Golden State for a pivotal Game 6! Curry was obviously frustated the entire game, connecting on six out of 19 shots (1-for-7 from three) for 15 points (eight assists and four boards)! Check out the tape above, and lmk what you think? Suspension, fine, court mic’s? What penalty will NBA commissioner David Sternen enforce following the outrage?