Posted April 30, 2013 by Kris-E in Movies & TV

5 Reasons Why ‘The Lion King’ is the Best Disney Movie [Photo] [Video]

The Lion King is arguably the best Disney movie of all time (comment if you think otherwise!).  The Lion King (which was originally going to be titled King of the Jungle until producers realized that lions live on the Savannah, not the Jungle) is the highest grossing hand-drawn cartoon of all time.  Here are the top five reasons why “The Lion King” is the best Disney Movie!


Character’s Names

The Lion King has some of the most iconic character names like Mufasa, Timon, Pumbaa, and Rafiki (and they all sound so powerful). Don’t act like you don’t have a pet-cat named Simba and a  niece named Nala!



Dope Soundtrack!

Admit it, you know every song to this musical!



The Simba Lift

Self-explanatory! The greatest pose in history!



Long Live the King Scene

No one is ashamed to profess that they cried when Scar killed Mufasa!! Even as adults, we are STILL heartbroken and can barely sit through the scene without getting teary eyed. You even cringe at Lil’ Scrappy’s mother because, she slightly resembles Scar.

long live


Teaches Life Lessons

Through Simba we learn about deceit, loyalty, fatherhood, tragedy, responsibility, love,  and the struggle for power. The movie teaches us never to give up, even when we seem like our back is against the ropes.  And most of all, Hakuna Matata!


The Lion King in 30 Minutes!