Posted April 28, 2013 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Chargers Pick Up Infamous Hoaxer Te’o At NFL Draft!

Manti Te'o drafted Chargers

”I did expect to go in the first round. But things happened and all it did was give me more motivation to get better,” Te’o said in a conference call with reporters.

”I don’t know if I have something to prove but it definitely puts a huge fire under my butt to just be better,” Te’o said. ”Again, that’s the best thing that ever could happen to me. I’m already naturally a motivated person who just wants to be the best. All yesterday did was just give me more motivation and more fire to just go out there and play football and do well at it.” – foxsports

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he former Notre Dame linebacker and former Heisman runner-up Manti Te’o, better known for hitting headlines for naively placing himself in a hoax, was snubbed out of the first round of the NFL Draft, and finally picked up by the San Diego Chargers as the No. 11 pick of the second round and No. 43 overall pick! On a positive, the Chargers moved up seven spots to snatch up the prominent talent! Te’o is a California native and of Hawaiian descent, so San Diego is a good fit for him! The NY media would have chewed him up!