Posted April 26, 2013 by DJ Enuff in Sports

NFL Draft 2013: Jets First Round Picks!

Dee Milliner Jets

“We selected two of our top four players on the board, period. And we’re extremely thrilled to have that,” Idzik said.

“We’re not done,” Idzik said, referencing the six more picks the Jets have. “This draft is deep. There will be guys there.” – nypost

Sheldon Richardson Jets

“You can’t blame this one on me,” Ryan said jokingly about Idzik making the picks. “These two guys are going to make an impact for us. We love what they bring to the defense, the kind of mentality that both these young men play are the same traits that we look for in really all of our players. They certainly play like a Jet.” – nypost

First Round Picks


he Jets picked up two solid players in the first round of the NFL Draft! They picked ‘Bama cornerback Dee Milliner at No. 9 and Missouri defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson at No. 13! The Jets traded star CB Darrelle Revis for the No. 13 pick! Milliner has a lot of upside, coming off the outright champion Alabama Crimson Tide and can replace Revis, so the Jets did appear to make the right move! Richardson coincidentally hails from the same alma mater as Darrelle Revis, Missouri, but he is a questionable pick with a lot of upside but quite risky! There was many questions why the Jets picked defensive players in the first round considering the Jets ranked No. 30 in offense this season! Head coach Rex Ryan and general manager John Izdik backed up their picks saying that the two picks were the best on the board! Hopefully, in the second and third round we can pick up some offensive weapons!