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Kendrick Lamar Talks Pick-Up Lines, L.A. Lakers, and Fashion Sins with High Snobiety

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K.Dot sat down with High Snobiety for an exclusive interview in L.A. and shared what kind of car represents his rap style, “It would be an older model car. It would probably be a Regal, an 87 Regal, because it’s hard, it has edge, but at the same time it’s a great look, kinda smooth if you ride it the right way.” The Compton star also shares the biggest fashion sin you could commit, what pick-up lines he uses, and why he went from K.Dot to Kendrick. Check out some highlights and pics below:

You talk a lot about being a sinner on your album, what’s the biggest sin…
… in fashion?

Being confined to a trend in general, but the biggest no-go to me is wearing shorts in the winter with a long sleeve shirt. That’s like retarded to me. You’re wearing shorts, obviously to keep cool but you got a long sleeve shirt on… come on man… (shakes his head)

You were born and raised in Compton. What sums up “Compton Style” for you?

Sun, culture, neighborhoods – but most of all: aggressiveness.

If Compton were a sneaker, which one would it be?

Nike Cortez Originals – I got a whole bunch of those.

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You started rapping under the moniker “K-Dot” releasing several mixtapes, going on tour and also doing features under that nickname as well. In 2009 when your career took off you dropped that stage name and continued as Kendrick Lamar. Your recent album good kid m.A.A.d city takes the listener back through the life of “K-Dot”. If you had one question, what would you ask your alter ego today?

I would ask him: What’s your definition of patience? Because “K-Dot” really had no patience, he wanted everything fast. Fast money, fast music, fast everything….

What would you be doing today, if you hadn’t become a rapper?

I don’t know what I’d be doing. I didn’t have a plan B. Once I found something positive to do I just stuck with it.

Was there a breakthrough moment for you?

My breakthrough moment was when I started identifying my music with myself. Rapping is a very personal act and it took some time for me to feel comfortable with that role. As time went by I learned that rap could affect my life in a very positive way and that I was becoming better and better at it. Once I recognized that, other people started recognizing it as well.


If you could buy any sports team, which one would you choose?

Of course I’d buy the Lakers. I gotta be somewhere in my hometown.

How do you feel about them (Lakers) not really living up to everyones great expectations so far?

Once they get their chemistry right, it’ll probably take a couple of years, maybe next year, but you gotta get in the groove of things. And it’s not really on the coach in my opinion, it’s on the players meshing together – you got Nash, you got Dwight, you got Kobe – that’s three great players. Once they get that balance in, they’ll be fine.

Tell us a classic Kendrik Lamar pick-up line that works:

“Whats happening, I’m Kendrick Lamar and I rap.” (laughs hard)

No, just kidding, that’s my cliché rap line. I really have no lines. I never was a pick-up line dude. I always thought that was corny. I don’t do no lines.

What makes a woman interesting for you?

Just her self-confidence you know, her just being a woman, how she carries herself – but also the way she looks.

What makes you mad?

A lot of stuff makes me mad. Laziness makes me mad, miscommunication makes me mad. Sending hard drives over here from L.A. and them not getting here in time makes me mad.

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