Posted April 18, 2013 by Marie-D in Music

Loe’L’s Billboard Bytch Mixtape Release Party In NYC [Photo]


VH1 Love & Hip Hop’s reality star Lore’l launched her mixtape ‘Billboard Bytch’ this week. Creating new buzz through social media for the up and coming female rapper. The Brooklyn rapper hosted a listening party in NYC for her new mixtape. The party was held at ‘Kiss & Fly’ where many well-known celebs like Tony Rock and members of both Vh1 Love & Hip Hop casts: Yandy Smith, Kaylin Gracia, Raqi Thunder, Erica Dixon, Ariane Davis showed their support for their fellow friend and cast mate.

Click here and listen to her mix tape!


 Ramona Rizzo, Lore’l, Kaylin Gracia, Yandy Smith, & Raqi Thunder


 Lore’l on STAGE


 Erica Dixon, Ariane Davis, Yandy Smith, & Raqi Thunder


Kaylin Gracia & Tony Rock


Congratulations Lore’l!!

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