Posted April 17, 2013 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Knicks Bring Back ‘The Q’ Quentin Richardson!

Quentin Richardson Knicks

“I’ve stayed as ready as possible,” Richardson said. “It’s very exciting. They’re competing for a title now. I hope I bring some veteran knowledge, I can space the floor, bring toughness on defense and just whatever I can bring if I get in (the games) or don’t get in, just to try to help us win.” – nydailynews

“I figure when we get some of our bigs back, we wouldn’t have to go big and he gives us another perimeter guy that can defend a little bit, that can make shots and space the floor like we play,” coach Mike Woodson said during an ESPN radio interview. “I just think it adds to what we’re trying to do.

“We do have a lot of perimeter guys but … we get somebody in the game that’s struggling a little bit then maybe I can turn to Quentin. That’s the reason for bringing him to our ball club.” – nypost


he Knicks brought back ‘The Q’ Quentin Richardson on Tuesday! 6-foot-6 small forward Richardson played solid minutes with the Knicks from 2005-2009, averaging 9.7 points and 5 rebounds per game! He came to the Knicks with Nate Robinson in 2005, as part of a trade for Kurt Thomas, who he is replacing! Richardson is a 12-year veteran and a great perimeter player; he last played for the Orlando Magic in 2011-2012! He will start playing on Saturday against the Boston Celtics in the first round of the NBA Playoffs at MSG of course!