Posted April 16, 2013 by DJ Enuff in News

Update: Boston Marathon Bombing


Boston Marathon Bombing [Photo]


oston is still in a state of shock! Unfortunately, the numbers have increased to now three dead and over 170 injured with 17 still in critical condition, and a weak lead based around a Saudi-Arabian victim in the blast! Sadly, an eight-year old boy was slain, as he went to hug his father at the finish line! Over 25 victims lost limbs, and two brothers actually spoke about that experienceThe twin explosions went off simultaneously about 100 yards apart close to the finish line! The race was close to it’s conclusion, as about 2,500 more runners (out of estimated 23,000) were closing to the finish line! In Boston, Monday was Patriots day, a baseball game is traditionally played at 11AM, and then everybody meets at the finish line! The spirit of the race, the heart of the city was overcome with immense tragedy! The police, FBI, and over 1,000 cops have been deployed to landmark and transit sites to get to the bottom of this catastrophe! One Saudi-Arabian suspect (and victim of explosion) has been grilled by the FBI! President Obama gave a speech, and announced that it was “an act of terrorism.” Hopefully we can get to the bottom of this, so the terrorists can punished, and Boston natives (and worldwide participants) can get back to their everyday lives! The terrorists obviously wanted a lot of media attention knowing that a lot of people would be live videotaping and taking pictures during the event!