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Twitter Feeds: Stars React To Boston Bombing!

Mark Wahlberg 50 Cent

“It’s just so upsetting,” Wahlberg told Page Six at the New York premiere of his new film, “Pain and Gain” last night. “Obviously I [have a] huge family and so many family and friends back in Boston… I don’t know if everybody is ok. I’m just trying to be here and put on a good face and be a professional and do my job, but I’m obviously very upset by it. The world needs to change if you think about all of the events over the last couple of years. If we can’t protect our innocent women and children, and people, we’ve got a serious problem.”

An 8-year-old boy was among the dead. Rapper 50 Cent, who was at the premiere with Wahlberg, expressed his dismay. He told AP, “When you see kids involved in it, I can’t write it off. I can’t say maybe (it was) karma that is why the kid was where he was.” – nypost

Patton Oswalt

“Young Adult” star Patton Oswalt took to his Facebook shortly after the tragedy. In a now-viral post, he strove for optimism in wake of the devastation.

“You watch the videos of the carnage and there are people running TOWARDS the destruction to help out,” he wrote. ”We would not be here if humanity were inherently evil.”

“So when you spot violence, or bigotry, or intolerance or fear or just garden-variety misogyny, hatred or ignorance, just look it in the eye and think, ‘The good outnumber you, and we always will,’” he concluded.nypost


hrough Twitter, Facebook and live interviews, rappers and stars alike showed their support following the tragic Boston Marathon Bombing! 50 Cent, Boston native actors Mark Wahlberg and Ben Affleck, “Young Adult” star Patton Oswalt, Rihanna, Russell Simmons, Justin Timberlake, Kim Kardashian, Lindsey Lohan, Lindsey Vonn (Tiger Woods girlfriend and top Olympic skier), Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, and Joey McIntyre (who ran in the race) all dialed in to give feedback on the tragedy that shook Boston and the nation alike! Rihanna is under fire for posting a picture about the Boston Marathon tragedy; Instagram pic (link) below! Check out the conversation above and twitter feedback below!

Source: nypost