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SALUTE 42: Jackie Robinson Day [Photo]

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“I saw him as a man who was extremely patient and extremely kind. He understood his significance beyond sports, what he was representing,” Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant said. “Now, as I sit back and look at everything he had to endure and you think about some of the things athletes of today have to deal with — heckling, the Twitter-hate — and it’s laughable when you think about what he had to deal with and endure. He might have used it as fuel to become a better baseball player, knowing he had to do more than the other players. That’s a heck of a thing to have to go through, but it was fact.

“And how phenomenal is it that he had to block out all that stuff, and he still went out and had a Hall of Fame career?” – foxsports

Don Newcombe

“Jackie had as much or more impact on the civil rights movement as anybody, so why shouldn’t he have a day named after him?” said his friend and Dodgers teammate Don Newcombe. “All of us were worried about what would happen if somebody hit Jackie (in the head). Jackie was too much of a man to get hit and not retaliate — especially if it was in front of his family.

“Thank God, it never happened and things went well, but I guarantee you Jackie would not have turned one cheek if someone hit him in the other.” – foxsports


Current MLB Players voice Jackie Robinson Day [Video], 42 Movie Poster [Photo] and Trailer [Video], 42 Movie PR Clips [Video]

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LB and the entire world salute and remember Brooklyn Dodgers No. 42 Jackie Robinson Day! His biopic movie “42 Movie: The Jackie Robinson Story” hit the theaters on Friday, and scored the biggest baseball-themed opening weekend box office numbers ever ($27.3 Million) topping the former top dog “A League of their own” ($26.6 Million)! Robinson came out of So-Cal (alma mater UCLA) and became the first black man to stand proud and make it amongst a predominately “white man’s” sport! He was actually gifted in baseball, basketball, football and track! When he left UCLA in 1942, Robinson was drafted and served in the US Army for a couple years, and then went to play for the Kansas City Monarchs in the Negro-League! Once he joined the Brooklyn Dodgers, Jackie won MVP in 1949, stolen-base title twice, and helped the Dodgers to their first World Series title in 1955! Jackie Robinson fought extreme racism and adversity to not just make in MLB, but make it into the HOF and serve as an inspiration for generations to come! In 1997, 50 years after he broke the color barrier his No. 42 was retired across the line in MLB! In 2004, MLB declared April 15, Jackie Robinson Day! All MLB players on all MLB teams will wear the No. 42 today! The next step is to make it a national holiday! Check out a complete photo gallery above and below!

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