Posted April 15, 2013 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Roc Nation Sports: Jay-Z Needs To NFLPA Certify!

Jay-Z Victor Cruz Roc Nation Sports


nder the Roc Nation Sports craze that Jay-Z has started, he next plans to get certified by the NFLPA (players association) in order to be able to represent NFL athletes in the future! Based on new rules the NFLPA presented in 2012, Jay-Z cannot recruit top NFL players until he becomes an NFLPA-certified agent! The concern came about on other agent’s receiving a fair open market, as many agent’s felt that the Victor Cruz deal (signing with CAA under Jay-Z) was sort of not following protocol! The Cruz deal is official and legal confirmed by the NFLPA! Moving forward, Jay-Z will not be able to sign new players under his partner group CAA (Creative Artist Agency) until he becomes NFLPA agent certified! This is where is can get tricky for Jay-Z ya see because he must wait until at least January 2014 (realisitically July 2014) to take the certification test, and a requirement of a post-graduate degree! The requirement for the post-graduate degree can be waived if the NFLPA determines that the applicant has seven years of “negotiating experience!” S/O to thatsenuff.com crew finest @Uneeekay!

Source: ProFootballTalk