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MSG Presents: The Line Up ‘Best Sports Movies’

The Line Up Spike Lee

Mariano Rivera, New York Yankees

On The Natural:

I love the movie. I don’t know about that ball exploding, though. I don’t know about that. I haven’t seen that happen.

Carmelo Anthony, New York Knicks

On playing for Hoosiers’ Coach Dale:

It would be very difficult, because as a kid you don’t really understand the game…so to have somebody on you like that every second, every day, all day, it can be tough.

Marcus Camby, New York Knicks

On He Got Game:

Great, great movie. I mean, even guys today still call Ray Allen “Jesus.”

The Linup f


SG Presents “The Line Up: Best Sports Movies,” an eight-part panel discussion series with host Fran Healy, actor/director Spike Lee, Academy Award winning actor Chazz Palminteri, actor/writer Robert Wuhl, and acclaimed film critic Jeffrey Lyons! The 30-minute shows began on Monday night discussing the Baseball category, and continued on Tuesday night with the basketball category! Only giving whats past, “The Natural” won for the baseball category and “He Got Game” won it for the basketball category! Tune in and check out the new episodes, or watch the re-runs! Check out MSG complete TV schedule (in case you miss an episode), and the show programming schedule below! Also, check out a trailer for the new series on video after the jump…


Monday, April 8 @ 10:30pm ET – The Lineup: “Best Sports Movies – Baseball”

Tuesday, April 9 @ 11:00pm ET – The Lineup: “Best Sports Movies – Basketball”

Wednesday, April 10 @ 11:00pm ET – The Lineup: “Best Sports Movies – Football”

Thursday, April 11 @ 11:30pm ET – The Lineup: “Best Sports Movies – Boxing”

Monday, April 15 @ 10:30pm ET – The Lineup: “Best Sports Movies – Golf”

Tuesday, April 16 @ 9:00pm ET – The Lineup: “Best Sports Movies – All Sports”

Wednesday, April 17 @ 11:30pm ET – The Lineup: “Best Sports Movies – Horse Racing”

Thursday, April 18 @ 10:30pm ET – The Lineup: “Best Sports Movies – Hockey”

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