Posted April 5, 2013 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Breaking News: Rutgers AD Pernetti Out Following Coach Rice Firing!

Rice Pernetti hiring
Rutgers Assistant Coach Martelli resigns


reaking News: The NY Rutgers Athletic Director Tim Pernetti was forced out (unclear whether fired or forced to resign) following the firing of head coach Mike Rice for his repetitive abuses on players caught on video! News broke of the tapes on Tuesday following an episode of ESPN “Outside the lines” which showed exclusive footage to the public! Coach Rice was finally fired on Wednesday morning at 9AM! Pernetti, a former Scarlett Knights tight end (football), made his mark by taking Rutgers out of the crumbling Big East and into the up-and-coming Big Ten! It was a big move, as Rutgers is projected to go from $3 Million annual media rights revenue to $40 Million from 2014-2017! Pernetti actually hired coach Rice right after he was promoted to the athletic director position, and supposedly knew about coach Rice’s repetitive abuses on players back in June; according to former director of player development and nine-year NBA veteran Eric Murdock who was coincidentally let go a month later?! Pernetti claimed that he didn’t get the memo until Nov. 26, six days after the switch from the Big East to the Big Ten! Pernetti hired an outside investigation on Nov. 27 and did discipline coach Rice with a $50K fine, three game suspension and anger-management classes, but no firing?! Pernetti must have been watching different tapes because Rice was gone bananas?!

Source: espn