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Exclusive Take: Rutgers Coach Rice Cursing And Throwing Balls At Players?! [Video]

Rutgers coach mike Rice

“I’m not holding back as far as my energy or my passion or my intensity,” Rice said. “It’s just, I’m being smarter. I’m being more under control. I’m developing as a coach and a teacher. This is going to be the best thing for me.” – nypost

Rutgers Tim Pernetti

“When I became aware of this in November, within 24 hours we had the investigation underway,” Pernetti told reporters. “I took the DVD with me. I met with Mike later in the day. Within that two-week period we made the determination on what we were going to do. I would tell you that all options were on the table at the time.”

“Everybody who’s returning wants him to stay,” an unnamed Rutgers player told The Post. “As the video showed, it happened, but that was early in his first year. He changed. He stopped that. He got better. He doesn’t do stuff like that anymore…They picked the worst moments over three years. I’ve spent millions of hours of mlife with him in practice and they picked three minutes. That’s not who he is and not what he’s about.” – nypost

Eric Murdock coach Nets

“There were some players who couldn’t sleep at night, who wasn’t eating ,who didn’t want to come to the gym,” Murdock told ESPN. “You put your [athletic director] shoes on and you witness this video of this coach abusing these players physically, mentally, emotionally, 99.9 percent would have fired that coach on the spot.” – nypost


xclusive takes of NJ Rutgers Scarlett Knights coach Mike Rice cursing and throwing balls at his players during practice surfaced today after ESPN “Outside the Lines” cover story leaked out exclusive footage during their show! Coach Rice was suspended three games and fined $50K in December due to “inappropriate behavior and language.” These videos shows true crazy of coach Rice from pushing and shoving players to throwing balls at them and their heads to screaming obscenities in their ears! He unfortunately did it all! According to Rutgers athletic director Tim Pernetti, the gay slurs were what put him overboard (huh?)! Former director of player development Eric Murdock told Pernetti of the offensive behavior in the summer time, and Pernetti finally addressed the issue in December?! Check out conversation above and the video below!

[youtube width=”625″ height=”425″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IVoOtpDuZwA[/youtube]