Posted April 1, 2013 by KC Nwosu in VIDEO GAMES

April Game Release Calendar

April Releases

April’s offerings will fail to entice most who would call themselves “true gamers” but that doesn’t mean it’s an entire waste. There’s a bit more activity coming from the handheld and downloadable fronts rather than consoles who will be biding their time in anticipation of Microsoft’s expected April console announcement. I personally don’t mind the paltry selection, but don’t think what’s listed below is everything that’s coming out, this is just what I think is either most important or most popular for the month.


April 2


Ninja Gaiden III: Razor’s Edge – PS3, Xbox


Defiance – PS3, Xbox, PC


April 9


Guacamelee! – PS3, PS Vita


April 16


Injustice: Gods Among Us – PS3, Xbox, Wii-U


Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers – Nintendo 3DS


April 23


Dead Island Riptide – PS3, Xbox, PC


April 30


Soul Sacrifice – PS Vita