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Sacramento City Council Approves New NBA Arena!

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”We want the folks of Seattle to get a team, we wish them well, but we want to keep what’s ours,” Johnson said after the 7-2 vote to approve the arena. ”We’re going to New York to talk about the viability of this market and the love affair we’ve had with our team.”

”We have four billionaires who have said that Sacramento is worthy. It’s been a long time since people have validated us in this way,” said city council member Steve Hansen, who voted in favor of the deal.

”We’re in competition to keep the Sacramento Kings from being taken away from us,” said City Manager John Shirley as he began outlining the arena plan for council members. ”We’ve known all along that we need to present the NBA a first-rate, quality place for them to play.” – foxsports

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he Sacramento (CA) City Council approved a public-private deal Tuesday to build a new 18,500 seat arena and retail center downtown! This was the last step for Mayor (and former NBA great) Kevin Johnson to keep the only remaining major league sports team in Sacramento and out of Seattle’s hands, where a new ownership deal and arena awaits! The Maloof Bros., the owners of the Kings, ran into some financial difficulties and mismanagement and were looking to the sell the team back in January! Johnson had to scramble since then to assemble a group to buy the team, convince Commissioner David Stern to consider a counter offer, and get approval for a deal that would build a $448 Million arena on the site of a shopping mall and re-route traffic to improve transportation in the area! Next week, Johnson will present the arena plan and purchase offer to the NBA committee, and the following week the NBA Board of Governors will vote on whether the team can be sold and will it stay or move!

Source: foxsports