Posted March 27, 2013 by Kris-E in Movies & TV

New ‘X-Men’ Movie Set & International ‘The Wolverine’ Movie Trailer [Video]


Professor X and the gang are joining forces once again on July 18, 2014 for X-Men Days of Future Past. Ms. Halle Berry is even back on board to play the weather commanding superhero “Storm.” X-Men director and producer, Bryan Singer, tweeted earlier this month “Couldn’t be more excited that #HalleBerry has joined the cast of #XMen #DaysofFuturePast.” The comic book series turned movie franchise, is currently in production in Montreal.


Developing "X-Men Days of Future Past" set

Developing “X-Men Days of Future Past” set

X-Men “Days of Future Past” Production Working on Battle Scenes.

Yes, waiting almost an entire year to watch action packed mutant battles is difficult! However, Hugh Jackman aka Wolverine (who will also be returning) has his own spin-off feature conveniently titled, “The Wolverine,” in theaters this summer

Take a look at the International Trailer: