Posted March 26, 2013 by Global Vito in Media

BKLYN STICKUP Danse ‘Lost In Chaos’ [Video]

Danse of BKLYN STICKUP has released the highly anticipated video for “Lost in Chaos”. Danse wrote this track after dealing with major scrutiny within his cap as to why the Brooklyn MC has yet to attain global recognition. #GoingGlobal

The overflow of contradicting opinions and advice had Danse feeling “lost”. He writes, “…so how can they regard you as the greatest when they’re only focused on the reasons why you haven’t made it? Maybe I should look like Danny Brown, maybe i should look like Trinidad James…” In addition to mentioning the aforementioned rappers, known for their eccentric style of dress, Danse goes as far as dressing like them just to prove his point.

After headlining dozens of events with some of raps biggest names, this video is sure to bring Danse to yet another level with its incredible visual quality as well as relevant lyrical content.