Posted March 21, 2013 by KC Nwosu in VIDEO GAMES

PS3’s BEYOND: Two Souls Selected by Tribeca Film Festival [Video]


Quantic Dream’s PlayStation 3 exclusive game “BEYOND: Two Souls” is making history before its even released. The PlayStation Blog gave details earlier today, “BEYOND has been chosen as an Official Selection by Tribeca Film Festival, the first such selection of this kind for a video game.” The game’s director David Cage is a strong advocate for more emotional and compelling storytelling in games. His previous titles “Indigo Prophecy” and “Heavy Rain” were more so interactive movies than actual games, but that didn’t stop them from racking up praise and accolades especially for their strides in storytelling.

   BeyondTwoSouls Ellen Page in Beyond: Two Souls

BEYOND: Two Souls was announced in June of last year at E3 and will star Ellen Page, (from Juno, and Inception) as well as William Dafoe, from (Spider-Man). Quantic Dreams has also been a leader in motion capture technology, this “performance capture” allows Cage to bring in real actors and record their facial expressions right along with their body movements.


On April 27th PlayStation will be hosting a screening at the festival showing an hour long scene, a major trailer, and some behind-the-scenes looks. The PlayStation blog will live-stream the event on their site. In the meantime check out some of the game footage already released since it’s announcement at the top of the page.