Posted March 18, 2013 by KC Nwosu in VIDEO GAMES

Saint’s Row IV Announcement Trailer [Video]


The 4th installment of the Saint’s Row franchise was finally unveiled with a trailer last week. The game has long been known to be in development but this is the first look at the new content.  Originally conceived as DLC for Saint’s Row The Third “Enter the Dominatrix” was halted and retooled to become a full fledged sequel in the hopes that its sales would help its then struggling publisher THQ keep its doors open. Ultimately THQ folded earlier this year and sold off the Saint’s Row IP to Deep Silver, the publisher behind the Dead Island franchise.

Despite the money troubles surrounding its original publisher Volition, the developer, has been kept largely intact through the transition and the game seems to still be on track. Story details have your protagonist being elected the president of the United States, and then the planet is invaded by aliens who enslave the country in a Matrix like world where you’re able to do super human things like jump over entire buildings. Yeah it sounds crazy and that’s just how Saint’s Row likes it. The series was originally one of the first Grand Theft Auto clones to find success, but focused more so on the absurdity of violence and sex crazed criminality as the Grand Theft Auto series moved more towards a cinematic feel. Since then Saint’s Row has seemed to find it’s own place in the world apart from Grand Theft Auto. With that being said, this next installment looks to be a fun diversion before Grand Theft Auto 5 hits store shelves later this year.