Posted March 16, 2013 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Free-Agency Buzz: Vikings Pick Up Packers’ WR Greg Jennings!

Packers Greg Jennings

Jets ink three; lose TE Dustin Keller to Miami, New England Patriots re-sign CB Aqib Talib

The Minnesota Vikings picked up rival Green Bay Packers’ WR Greg Jennings on a five-year deal worth max $47.5 Million with $18 Million guaranteed! Jennings, 29, spent seven years with the Packers, but the last two seasons sat out mostly with injuries! In 2012, Jennings played eight regular season games, and two Playoff games dealing with a torn lower abdominal muscle! In 2011, Jennings missed three games due to a sprained left knee! The Vikings just signed QB Matt Cassell, so Jennings will be a plus on the receiving end!