Posted March 16, 2013 by Unique in ThatsEnuff

Cops Impounded Tyga’s Lamborghini Aventador After Sobriety Test [Video]

Last night Tyga found himself in a little more trouble with his Lambo again. The young rapper was pulled over by LAPD for traffic a violation that lead to his car being impounded. Reportedly when asked to produce his license and registration Tyga was unable to and then proceeded to fail a sobriety test giving by the cops. Luckily instead of writing him up or arresting him for the DUI the cops decided to just impound the car. However that didn’t keep the aggravated star from taking to twitter to vent his frustration in a “FuckLAPD” tweet. At the end of the day I would count this as a win if anything. Check out the video of the whole incident below.

[Via TMZ]