Posted March 14, 2013 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Kobe Twisted Up, ‘Seeks Revenge’ on Dirty Foul! [Video]

Kobe Bryant ankle injury

Bryant and Jones have a history. The Hawks’ swingman was called for a flagrant foul for tripping Bryant in Game 4 of the 2009 Western Conference finals when he played for the Denver Nuggets. – espn

“Officials really need to protect shooters. Defensive players, you can contest shots, but you can’t just walk underneath players. That’s standards for the shooter,” said a perturbed Bryant, who did walk off the court under his power. “You just can’t go under the shooters, man. It’s a dangerous play.”

“I can’t get my mind past the fact that I have to wait a year to get revenge,” Bryant said, presumably of Jones and the Hawks. “I just think players need to be made conscious of the rule. Officials need to protect shooters, period. … I’m always conscious of it. When I go to contest shots, I’m always conscious of making sure I don’t walk underneath them. It’s just a very, very dangerous play, especially if I’m fading away. There’s no rhyme or reason why I should come down anywhere near anybody’s foot.” – foxsports

In the closing ticks of the Lakers-Hawks game last night, Hawks’ Dahntay Jones jumped into Kobe as he was taking a potential game-tying fade-away jumper from the side! Kobe landed awkwardly on Jone’s foot, and suffered a severely sprained ankle! The Lakers ended up losing the game, 95-92, dropped to (34-32), and Kobe was irate and wants to “seek revenge” on Jones! Kobe ended up with 31 points, Metta World Peace dialed in 20 points, and Dwight Howard snagged 16 boards for the Lakers! The Hawks led with a well-balanced attacked, and six players in double-digits! Check out the take on video below, and Kobe comments and tweets above!

[youtube width=”625″ height=”425″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pi8MLCDwQ4o[/youtube]