Posted March 14, 2013 by Chelle B in News

Irvington, NJ Cop Under Investigation for Making Rap Videos

irvington officer

Irvington Police Officer and Union President Maurice Gattison is the center of an internal investigation, after releasing a series of hip-hop music videos last year under the stage name “Gat The Great.” The investigation started after The Star-Ledger reported that Gat and several other officers used  homophobic and racial slurs while occasionally threatening violence against his musical rivals in their raps.

“There’s a lot of other things that could be dealt with if you wanted to do an article,” Gattison said inside the offices of Nutley attorney Anthony Iacullo. “Not what I’m doing in my personal life just singing a song.”

In the clip below Gattison defends his music video music and addresses the controversy behind his song,  “Temper Like An Alcoholic.” Seated with him is his attorney Anthony Iacullo.

“He is someone who has chosen to express himself through the song in lyrics that you have heard. It is his constitutional right to in fact do so,” said Iacullo. “He has exercised his first amendment rights and we anticipate that there will be no charges, criminally or departmentally.”

And if you aren’t familiar with Gat the Great, here’s a highlighted video of his questionable lyrics and hand gestures.