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Tina Turner’s Full Spread and Interview with VOGUE Germany [Photo]


Legendary Rockstar Tina Turner looks stunning in the new issue of VOGUE Germany. Shot inside her Swizz mansion by C. Knoepfel & St. Indlekofer, the 73-yr-old dressed in new and vintage Armani, credits her timeless beauty on never taking drugs or smoked cigarettes. Check out the full spread and highlights of her interview below.


On if she’ll ever return to stage: “I completed my last tour at the age of 69. I really saw it as my farewell tour. What I did on that tour was on the edge of what I physically was able to, and wanted to, do. And these short outfits, they are not how I see myself anymore at this time. So, I won’t do that anymore, I have ended it.”

On re-inventing herself: “I’m waiting for the inspiration for a different kind of work, because I know that many people wish that I will do something again, and I understand now the importance of my stage performances for them. Still, that type of stage work is over. Before I re-invent myself, I don’t want to go back to something I already did, and thereby decrease its importance, but it was good as it was!”


“My live circumstances are absolutely perfect, the condition of my soul is spiritually and mentally good. My physical condition is also very good, which is not really a surprise, since I never took drugs or smoked cigarettes. Thus, I’m physically healthy, and I’m happy!”


Her favorite artists out right now: “I really like the voice of Rihanna, and I like Adele. I also like Beyonce’s style.”



On learning German, which she started when she wanted to apply for Swiss citizenship
: “I started learning German after living here for four years. But I only head real classes for one year. Now, since half a year, I’m taking German lessons again, but Hochdeutsch – Swiss-German was even more complicated. I can present myself, say how old I am, where I come from, when I came to Switzerland for the first time; all of that I can say in German. So right now I can say: ‘Beruflich heiße ich Tina Turner. Aber mein richtiger Name ist Anna Mae Bullock’ (Professionally I’m called Tina Turner, but my real name is Anna Mae Bullock). I didn’t get much further yet (laughs)! Right now however I’m really studying the grammar of the language, so really from scratch.”



On if she is still in contact with family in the U.S, she answers
:“I was there for the last time when the last of my close relatives was still alive. I took care of the property after she died. What’s left now of my family there are only distant relatives. I’m not really in direct contact with anybody there.”

On the moving of her old school building in Nutbush – Flagg Grove School
:“The school once belonged to my great-grandfather Benjamin Flagg. Now, I’m involved in the project and will be even more so, since I found out that it is really connected to my background, to my family. I’m very proud that I’m the one in my family, who can conserve this history.”