Posted March 13, 2013 by KC Nwosu in VIDEO GAMES

Jay-Z + Chrono Trigger = Chrono Jigga (Of Course it Does) [Audio]


Chrono Jigga goof

Mash up artist “2 Mello” has just released a mix of legendary Rap superstar Jay-Z and legendary video game Chrono Trigger which is cleverly called “Chrono Jigga.” The album mixes classic Jay-Z lyrics with tracks from the game which have been reproduced to fit his flow. The original Chrono Trigger composers, Yasunori Mitsuda and Nobuo Uematsu would be proud. I can’t imagine Jay-Z would take issue with it being as how he’s collaborated with the likes of Linkin Park, Coldplay, and even the Beatles in the past.

I’m not sure why this was done, I’m doubtful too many people have been requesting it but I’m not mad at all. I’m halfway through the album right now and it’s definitely something special. Even if you’re not familiar with any of the Chrono Trigger music you’ll likely be familiar with Jay-Z’s lyrics. The mixes fit better than you would think, anyone should be able to get behind the sound. View the track list below, you can listen to all of track 2 by clicking it. The album is totally free you can get to it by clicking the album cover, but go ahead and hit 2 Mello’s page to donate if you feel so inclined the guy did good work here.


01 – Intro
2 Mello – 02 – Public Chrono Announcement (Jay-Z vs. Chrono Trigger Mashup)
03 – An Encore in Time (Jay-Z vs. Chrono Trigger Mashup)
04 – Ignorant Scene (Jay-Z vs. Chrono Trigger Mashup)
05 – What More Can I Sing (Jay-Z vs. Chrono Trigger Mashup)
06 – Masamune Problems (Jay-Z vs. Chrono Trigger Mashup)
07  -Say Hello to the Black Omen (Jay-Z vs. Chrono Trigger Mashup)
08 – Dirt in the Palace (Jay-Z vs. Chrono Trigger Mashup)
09 – Wind Cry (Orchestra – Jay-Z vs. Chrono Trigger Mashup)
10 – Marle, Lucca, Schala (Jay-Z vs. Chrono Trigger Mashup)
11 – Gato’s in Love (Jay-Z vs. Chrono Trigger Mashup)
12 – Outro