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Jets Ink QB David Garrard!

David Garrard jets qb

“Mark will probably have just a little bit of a leg up, it would appear,” Mornhinweg said in a conference call with reporters.

“I would like to have competition at that position as well as all the other positions,” Mornhinweg said. “There are a select few on this football team that have kind of earned the right to step in there as No. 1 on the depth chart, but I certainly would like competition at all the other spots, including the quarterback spot.” – nypost

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The NY Jets signed quarterback David Garrard on Monday, and as of right now he will play second fiddle to starting quarterback Mark Sanchez! Although, the NY Jets new offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg did indicate that he can earn the rights to the spot! Garrard is a solid quarterback out of East Orange, NJ who played nine seasons with the Jacksonville Jaguars! Through his career he worked his way up to the starting position from a 4th round pick in the 2002 NFL Draft! It could be a negative or a positive, the last time Garrard laced up in the NFL was in 2010 after a solid season, but couldn’t get back in after back and knee surgeries! Check out Mornhinweg’s comment above and a funny reel on Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow “Butt Seeker 2000” below!

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