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Celebrities Hacked: Jay-Z, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Michelle Obama & Others Victims Of Doxxing!



Beyonce, Jay-Z, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Paris Hilton, Michelle Obama, and more had their addressed and other sensitive information posted online. Yesterday, their credit reports, social security numbers, bank reports and more were all leaked on a website.  The bombshell security breach has left the FBI and Los Angeles police struggling with how to respond. The FBI say they are talking it very SERIOUSLY.

According to sources, LAPD has gotten to the bottom of it, however the info is valid and is still public. The authorities have revealed that this is a new prank called “Doxxing”.

TMZ reports:

The hackers who obtained Michelle Obama’s financial records — along with some of the biggest celebs in the world — aren’t just seeking recognition … law enforcement sources tell TMZ they have been “using” the credit information.

Our sources would not be specific on how the information has been used, but it could involve access and withdrawal of money. As we previously reported, the hackers have obtained personal banking information as well as social security numbers and that could be enough to obtain withdrawals of cash.

OMG Yahoo is also reporting:

The FBI also explained that this latest hoax is called “doxxing,” which means “the process of obtaining or deducing information about a person based on a limited set of initial information,” and that the bureau has had experience dealing with it before.

The LAPD issued the following statement Monday evening: “LAPD detectives are investigating the recent disclosure of Chief Beck’s personal information. Apparently this is not necessarily a hacking incident. It is called ‘Doxxing’ … This has happened to the Chief on two other occasions prior to this in a similar nature post Occupy LA. We are not at liberty to discuss the others mentioned in the web post. There will be no further comments or press conference on this matter.”


According to YBF, the FBI has issued a warning to all hack victims to lock down their accounts. Due to the severity of this matter, entertainment sites refuse to give the name of the website. No one wants to be charged for aiding in a federal crime.



Photo courtesy of: TMZ