Posted March 11, 2013 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Yankees Recruiting Braves Legend Chipper Jones?!

Brian Cashman

“Don’t you think Chipper would be a perfect fit?” Cashman asked reporters in the clubhouse before the Cardinals-Yankees game. “I would take Larry in a heartbeat. If Larry was interested in playing the team he’s got there in Atlanta would be the easiest to come back to.”

“I’ll tell you what, (Chipper) has told me he is retired and not planning on coming back at all,” Jones agent BB Abbott said. “I don’t think New York is something he would consider but he would be flattered. We talk a lot about him (in) pinstripes because of all the good players the Yankees have had but it’s probably too late.”

“I have spoken to Derrek Lee. He has always been the type of player who is Yankee-like in terms of capability when he was playing and makeup,” Cashman said of the 37-year-old. “I just planted the seed and if he had interest in thinking of playing, let me know. He is not here. He was intrigued but that’s where we are at.”
“I had a conversation but there is nothing to report,” Cashman said. “I am exploring what options are out there. If the circumstances are right in every category, playing wise and money wise, (Rolen) might be interested in certain things.”
“We are looking at what we have here and look at what’s playing outside of here and in a few select cases what’s not playing at all,” Cashman said. “In that what’s not playing at all category, like a Derrek Lee or a Chipper Jones, those are unique players. Past that, there is a reason for it.” – nypost

With the Yankees in a serious power outage after losing power hitters to free-agency and Grandy and Tex out to serious injuries, the GM Brian Cashman is looking to recruit Braves legend Chipper Jones! Before the Yankees were preparing to take on the St. Louis Cardinals today, Yankees GM Brian Cashman threw out an attempt to un-retire Jones! Jones, 40, was always known for his power and hitting by the numbers throughout his career! He just retired in October, but his agent BB Abbott said that it is a long shot; Jones is a Brave for life! The Yankees were also looking into 37-year old Derrek Lee, who did not play last season, and Scott Rolen, who already rejected an offer by the Cincinnati Reds! Check out the conversation above!