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Uncut Canada-Mexico BRAWL Breaks out at World Baseball Classic! [Video]

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“Whoever says that we’re just here as an extra spring training game or we’re just here to say we represented our country and then go home obviously didn’t see how intense that game was and what it means to everybody that was involved,” Canadian slugger Justin Morneau said.espn

Canadas Tyson Gillies puts Alfredo Aceves on the ground during the brawl

Canada’s Tyson Gillies put Alfredo Aceves to the ground during the brawl. Aceves is a pissed off Boston Red Sox reliever during the MLB season.

Team USA beat Italy on Saturday at WBC, Mexico beat Team USA on Friday at WBC

An uncut BRAWL broke out between Canada and Mexico at the World Baseball Classic on Saturday in Phoenix, AZ at Chase Field (home of the Arizona Diamondbacks)! Seven ejections were handed out (read below), but no suspensions were drawn yet?! The melee started because Mexico was down 9-3, and thought Canada was being cheap by bunting for base hits! Mexico’s third baseman Luis Cruz signaled to his teammate, the pitcher Arnold Leon, to hit the next guy with a pitch! After two failed attempts, and the third clocking Canada’s Rene Tosoni flush in the back… the BRAWL erupted! The Canadian coach even got struck in the face with a water bottle (from fans) during the fight! Check out the play by play on the fight below and the uncut video above!

The fights broke out after Canada’s Rene Tosoni was hit by a pitch from Arnold Leon with Canada leading 9-3 at Chase Field, home of the Arizona Diamondbacks. It turned into a wild scene, as chaotic as any on a major league field in recent years.

Even when the fisticuffs ended, a full water bottle thrown from the crowd struck the face of a Canadian coach. Canada shortstop Cale Iorg angrily threw the bottle back into the crowd.

Several police officers came onto the field trying to restore order, and there were a few skirmishes in the seats. Seven players were ejected.

There had already been several hard plays on the bases when things got out of hand. Shortly before Tosoni was a hit, a bunt single by Canada seemed to heighten the tension — a tiebreaker in the WBC relies heavily on scoring runs, and the Canadians were trying to pad their margin.

Adrian Gonzalez, Justin Morneau and Joey Votto were among the big-name, high-priced stars playing in the game. The fight was exactly the kind of thing that must have made major league managers and general managers cringe at the thought of one of their players getting hurt in such a fracas.

Aceves was among four Mexican players thrown out — the angry Boston reliever was tossed to the ground by Philadelphia minor league outfielder Tyson Gillies during the height of the altercation (pic above).

Also ejected were Arnold Leon, Oliver Perez and Eduardo Arredondo of Mexico and Tosoni, Pete Orr and Jay Johnson of Canada. A statement from WBC organizers said tape of the incident would be reviewed for possible disciplinary action.

All in all, it was far from the worldwide goodwill that is supposed to accompany this competition, where players exchange team hats with opponents before the start of each game as a sign of sportsmanship”