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Hello Brooklyn Boxing: Hopkins Vs. Cloud Fight Preview

Hopkins Cloud cover

“After I beat Cloud, Don King will have to pawn his [famous American flag-sequined] jacket,” Hopkins said. While the rest of King’s fighters have either faded or dumped him, Cloud (24-0, 19 KOs) has remained loyal. Cloud, 31, of Tallahassee, Fla., will be making his fifth title defense and is fighting for the first time in 13 months since a controversial split decision win against former titlist Gabriel Campillo. Hopkins believes that by beating the last of King’s marketable fighters, he would essentially put his longtime nemesis out of business.

“I mean, it’s not something I think about, because it’s not going to happen,” Cloud said of Hopkins winning and putting King out of business. “He’s not going to beat me. Bernard is — he believes all this stuff in his own head — I mean, he’s in his own world. So I’ll let him be until [Saturday]. I’ll let him be.”

“I made my legacy off Don King fighters in the [2001] middleweight tournament,” Hopkins said of the four-man tournament he won to become undisputed 160-pound champion; he dominated Keith Holmes to unify two titles and then knocked out heavy favorite Felix Trinidad to grab another belt in a major upset.

“I got away from Don King,” Hopkins said. “But if he shakes my hand, I shake his hand. Don is one of the legendary promoters, but he’s not the power promoter that he was for so many years. But I still respect the legend even though things ain’t always been great with us. But he will be shut down after [Saturday].

“Those folks who work for him, they better start putting their résumés together, because they’re going to be looking for work when I shut him down.”

“I love Bernard,” King said. “Bernard is doing a great job of promoting, and I just want to say that he’s not a nemesis to me. He’s a wonderful fighter, a great fighter.

“Bernard had a contract with me. I was promoting Bernard, and he was beating guys. I had a contract with some of the guys that he was in there fighting. It’s never been nothing like a protagonist and an antagonist. It’s been doing what you have to do to win the hearts and minds of the people by performance, and Bernard did that. Both of us are alumni, we got out of the penitentiary, and so it’s a thing here that he’s a guy that you’ve got to be able to look at. He’s a penitentiary brother. So let him do his thing, but I think he’s an excellent fighter, I think he’s been a credit to the sport.” – espn

Hello Brooklyn Boxing! Nets home-court, the Barclay’s Center, will host its first boxing match on Saturday night! 48-year old Bernard Hopkins is set to square off against 31-year old light heavyweight champion Tavoris Cloud in the HBO main event – title match! Hopkins is looking to break his own record; the oldest boxer to claim a title! He beat Jean Pascal in 2011 at the tender age of 46 for the heavyweight title! They are a pretty even match in terms of size and reach (chart below), and what Hopkins lacks with age he gains with experience! Hopkins has a record of (52-6-2, 32 KOs), while Cloud chimes in with a record of (24-0, 19 KOs)! Hopkins is excited to fortune another Don King fighter, as he has been a perfect 15-0 against his contenders before retiring in 2004! Check out the comments above and the live weigh-in! Watch the fight on HBO at 9:30 PM Saturday March 9, or buy tickets (starts 5PM) and go see it live at the Barclay’s Center on Saturday night! I got Hopkins, who you got?

Tale of the Tape Cloud Hopkins
Age 31 48
Height 5’10” 6’1″
Reach 76″ 75″
Stance Orthodox Orthodox
— ESPN Stats & Information