Posted March 8, 2013 by Marie-D in ThatsEnuff

Chris Brown Goes on Club Rant Saying ‘F*UCK DRAKE”!!

chris brown fuck drake


Chris Brown seems to be caught up in more drama now days. Last night the R&B singer hopped on stage at Emerson Theater in Hollywood. E! Online reports that when the DJ started spinning Drake’s recent single, “Started From The Bottom”, Breezy grabbed the mic and immediately told the DJ to stop playing the music.

Breezy then told the crowd:

“The DJ can play this s**t, but I want you all to know, F—K Drake!”

Then stuck his middle finger out to the crowd. TMZ reports that before Breezy’s rant, after a charity event in Studio City, CA, he proceeded to get his car keys from the valet. The singer was told that he must pay $10, however once he found out that everyone paid $5, he spazzed out because he felt he was taken advantage of. He cursed out valet saying:

“Gimme my f*cking keys… f*ck ten dollars. Gimme my keys… we gonna turn this whole spot up…  I promise you.”

After the threat, someone from his entourage paid the ten bucks.

And before that! Sources at E! says that Chris was involved in a altercation with his bodyguard Big Pat on a private plane. The altercation was so intense that Pat reportedly flew home by himself.

Chris Brown needs a break! A break away from everything, so he can find the time to regroup! We hope he gets everything back in order.