Posted March 7, 2013 by DJ Enuff in Sports

WWE ‘The Paul Bearer’ Passes Away at 58!

The Paul Bearer

The WWE said in a statement that Moody, “went on to become a memorable part of WWE over the course of the next 20 years.”

In the outlandish world of pro wrestling, Paul Bearer was once placed in a glass casket and buried in concrete. In his final WWE appearance last year, Paul Bearer was locked in a freezer by Randy Orton and left there tied up even after he was found by Kane.

“It was one those had-to-be-there moments when Vince realized I was the real thing, the real deal,” Moody told pro wrestling website PWTorch.com last year. “I was the real Undertaker.” – foxsports

Thatsenuff.com sends condolences out to friends and family of the memorable WWE fixture William Moody AKA “The Paul Bearer” who passed away at 58 years of age on Tuesday! The WWE did not release information on the immediate cause of his death! Moody dealt with weight and health problems from 2002 to present!

Moody set his mark with contorted face shrill voice catchphrase, “Ooohhh yeeesss!” and served as the pasty face, urn-carrying manager for “The Undertaker” and “Kane” for two decades starting in 1990! He also managed soon-to-be MSG HOF inductee WWE Nick “Mankind” Foley; even baby sat his kids! Moody played the part of the macabre mortician-er and held the urn that had an unexplained power that protected “The Undertaker!” Moody also staged off-the-wall stunts (quote above) during his time with the WWE! Ironically, Moody was a licensed mortician-er and funeral director before he entered the WWE (quote above)! R.I.P. William Moody “The Paul Bearer”