Posted March 7, 2013 by Marie-D in ThatsEnuff

AP9 Releases Text Messages, Pictures, Explain Ice-T’s Wife CoCo Encounters [Video]



AP9 is doing the most right now! We get it! You smashed CoCo!! Sheeesh!

AP9 is now telling KMEL radio in San Fransisco that Coco already confessed to Ice T, and he and Ice t spoken about the situation:

ap9 text ice t

He also went to explain the reason why he came forward. Coco tried to humiliate him by calling him a groupie. AP9 stated that he wants to be known as the guy that smashed Coco. When KMEL asked to rate Coco in the sack AP replied, “It was just aight”. Then the rapper passed his cell phone around and everyone confirmed that he did in fact smashed Coco.

ap9 1 ap9 2Check out the video below: