Posted March 6, 2013 by BlueMagic in ThatsEnuff

Update: Sway and MTV Announces Number 4 & 3 on ‘Hottest MC’s List & Shows TV Kanye Gave Him [Photo]



Rick Ross comes up at number 3 for “Hottest MC’s List”. Give us your thoughts!


Sway and his panel just announced that Nas is number 4 on the “Hottest MC’s list. Coming in was Nas with one of the best rap albums of 2012. What do you think about that choice? Let us know below of your thoughts.

Also, Sway touched on the Hot97 DJ Enuff and Kanye West conversation about the “Hottest MC List”. Sway then introduced “his first tv” given to him by Kanye West. Check out the photo below.

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 4.10.20 PM