Posted March 4, 2013 by BlueMagic in ThatsEnuff

Nick Cannon To Play Legend Drug Kingpin in Biopic?? [Video]

Looks like “Freeway” Ricky Ross is set to make a movie out of his story…literally. The once big drug kingpin has been linking up with Nick Cannon for a while now to play him in this movie. Upon his release at first he spent a lot of time in court trying to contest the rapper Rick Ross for using his name but it was a failed attempt. Now he’s focusing his energy on his motion picture. Nick Cannon took to twitter to talk about how excited he was to play the role.

“I’ve been wanting him to play my role since ’96. We got hooked up, I met him I love his personality, know what I’m saying?” said Freeway in a YouTube clip. “We family now, we are going to get this thing right. However long it takes, his story has got to be told,” said Nick Cannon.

Here’s the youtube clip of the conversation below. Let us know what you think? Can Nick Cannon really play such a gangster serious role?

Source: MissInfo