Posted March 3, 2013 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Heat-Knicks Square Off at MSG for Sunday Matinee!

Heat Knicks today

“We will be prepared for Miami,’’ Anthony said. “We know they have a hell of a hot streak. The guys on their team are playing extremely well. At the end of the day, we worry about ourselves. We control our own destiny.’’

“They know we got them here and then embarrassed them in their house,’’ Tyson Chandler said. “So we expect them to come in fired up. They’re the champs for a reason.’’ – nypost

“I’m not trying to play so safe,’’ Shumpert said. “I’m back to having fun. I like them to tell me: That’s the best guy. We need you to stop him. It gives me confidence they look at me like, ‘Shump, we need you to guard LeBron [or] D-Wade.’”

“It’s MSG,’’ Wade said. “I’m always excited to play there. It’s a team that’s beaten us twice. It’s a perfect time for us.’’

“It’s just to beat the Knicks,’’ Bosh said. “Winning streaks come and go. Most importantly, we have a chance to see them in the postseason, especially late. We don’t want them to have a ton of confidence then. – nypost

The Miami Heat are coming off 13-straight wins and a loss by 20 in the previous two contests against the NY Knicks, so they ready for revenge in the highly-anticipated third meeting at MSG 1PM EST on ABC today! Dwyane Wade and Lebron James are fired up and Melo, Stat and Chandler are prepared to protect home court! Tune in and let the games begin! Let’s go Knicks! Check out comments above!