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Qwality ‘I Think I Love Her’ [Audio]


Rising Hip Hop Performer “Qwality” knows what its like to struggle. Growing up in the inner city he credits the hard streets with shaping his raw sound and teaching him valuable lessons about how to survive in life.
“I’ve shot been shot at, stabbed, jumped, they tried to beat me down,” said Qwality, reflecting on his storied past during a recent break from recording in his lower Manhattan studio. “I have also done time in the system and my share of handling situations with my fists.”

Qwality says that through it all the lyrical beats of Hip Hop and his talent for producing def rhymes were always there to rescue him when things got rough.

A protégé of legendary Producer Rick Steel, Qwality is pushing his sound and Hip Hop in a new direction. His long-awaited first major single, “I Think I Love Her” is already making noise . “I Think I Love Her” is sure to become an instant radio favorite with its catchy hook and unique Hip Hop groove.

“I Think I Love Her” is just the beginning for the budding Hip Hop star. There are plans on the table for Spanish and Haitian Albums to pay homage to his Haitian and Dominican roots. Then there is the world tour. And yes, he still has love for his Canadian crew.

The emerging star said he developed his love and ear for Hip Hop in his native Brooklyn, also home to music legends Jay-Z and Biggie Smalls.

After being uprooted as a teen to Canada, Qwality became fluent in French. His travels to Haiti and the Dominican Republic tuned his ear to the catchy Latin and African rhythms of the Caribbean Island adding an international flavor to his music.

His musicology continued in the South with stops in South Carolina and Florida where he became versed in the raw, catchy sounds of the “dirty south” from hit makers such as Andre 3000, Nelly and Ludacris.

It was as a teen in New York City that Qwality stumbled into his musical talent by chance while visiting a popular local music store.

While watching Hip Hop legends like Busta Rhymes and others leave the store he noticed a studio in the basement. Mistaken for being a popular Hip Hop artist while buying a t-shirt Qwality received the opportunity of a lifetime when one of the store clerks insisted that he go down to the studio and sample some of the mix tapes.

Later the same day he had completed a catchy track and within in a week his raw street sound with the international flavor was creating a buzz in the local Hip Hop community. The Hip Hop Artist known as Qwality was born.

Qwality says his difficult upbringing fuels his passion for Hip Hop.

“It was destiny that propelled me into a music career,” Qwality said. “From my upbringing on the streets to my relationships with my music and the fans, it all keeps me humble. I know where I came from and it drives the music, keeps me honest and working hard. Just like you can’t cheat the streets, I have to give my all to my music. You have to take on life at all costs.”

But no matter how big the track or his following Qwality remains rooted in his humble beginnings. “You can never forget the streets or where you come from. I had a cousin who was killed, and it remains me that when it comes to my music there is no tomorrow. Every day I give it all I got. I have my mom and family to provide for so, I never forget what is important. I do this because for me there is no option.”

Qwality hopes his music gives other inner city youths a sense of pride and purpose serving as an example of what can be done if you just try.

“I want them to know that they don’t have to go down the same road that I did. I want them to know that you always have a chance if you are willing to work hard. There is always somebody willing to help you if you try and work hard.”


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