Posted February 27, 2013 by KC Nwosu in VIDEO GAMES

God of War: Ascension Single Player Demo (Impressions) [Photo]



The PS3 exclusive God of War franchise has a new entry coming March 12, “God of War: Ascension” a prequel to all 5 of the previous games that have been released and re-released so far. I played through its single player demo, here are my impressions.

Furies don't like broken promises (typical ladies 'amiright?)

Furies don’t like broken promises (typical ladies ‘amiright?)

If you’re unfamiliar with the God of War franchise it liberally uses Greek mythology to tell the story of Kratos, a Spartan warrior who accepted power from Aries, the god of war, in order to defeat his enemies. Aries later tricks Kratos into murdering his wife and daughter and he vows to seek vengeance. That story played out already. What you’re getting here is what happens to Kratos immediately after he kills his family and decides to turn on Aries. Apparently there is a force called the “Furies” who don’t like it when warriors go rouge from gods they made deals with. The furies capture and torture these oath breakers for all eternity. This is where the demo starts with Kratos chained up and being slapped around by one of the Furies. He of course manages to break free and start attacking the Fury then classic God of War kicks in.

god of war hec

Yeah he’s going to try and punch you…

The look and feel of the game is that of God of War 3 which makes sense since this is the only other God of War to be created on that console, which basically means the game is gorgeous to look at. You fight through fairly weak bug and bug-man enemies using some new abilities like holding onto an enemy with one blade while using his other to continue attacking. He can also disarm certain enemies with a kick and pick up their weapons to swing or chuck back at them. Things don’t really get interesting until the boss battle starts where the Fury unleashes the Hecatonchires who was a captured oath breaker like Kratos. The Hecatonchires is a gigantic multi-armed monster that you find out had the entire structure you’re running around in built on top of it. A dizzying cinematic battle ensues with sweeping camera shots emphasizing the scope of what you’re doing. This is God of War at it’s best, sections of the level are picked up by the monster and swung around while you maintain control of Kratos ¬†and fight enemies all at the same time, it’s very impressive to look at. The fight fades out with Kratos smashed up against a cliff side while inside a part of the building, this is where the demo ends. I’d say it was for dramatic effect but 5 other games tell us that Kratos doesn’t die here, we’ll just have to wait until March 12 to find out how the fight and the story concludes.

The demo is up now on PlayStation Network, you can go and check it out for yourselves.