Posted February 26, 2013 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Salute: AND1 Mixtape Star and Streetball Legend Tyrone ‘Alimoe’ Evans Passes Away!


“They don’t have to let me know that I lit their fire; just go out and do it.,”  said Evans. “They don’t have to thank me and bring me out to the game; just go  do it. Just knowing that that little kid watching me took something home with  them. See, basketball is a teacher of life. The lessons you learn in basketball  – don’t be selfish, work hard, and treat everybody good – they’re the same  lessons in life.” – hoopsvibe


Thatsenuff.com salutes former AND1 Mixtape star and streetball legend Tyrone “Alimoe” Evans AKA “The Black Widow” who passed away suddenly from complications following a seizure! Evans grew up in Harlem, and gained noteriety in the late 1990’s with his streetball skills and sick ball handling for a 6-foot-7 big man! Shortly thereafter, he rose to fame by joining the AND1 Mixtape tour with the likes of Hot Sauce, The Main Event, The Professor, The Air Up There, and many more! Thatsenuff.com sends out our condolences to Evans and his friends and family! Check out a video of him below, and an excerpt from a 2003 interview with Hoopsvibe above!