Posted February 26, 2013 by Unique in Events

Queen of the Ring ‘Evolution’ Battle [Photo/ Video]


The underground rap battle scene has really been taking off lately with the URL franchise being the front runner. The culture has gotten so big lately that now there’s a platform, in which real raw female MC’s can take the stage, well in this case ring. This past Saturday at Juda Brothers Boxing Gym in Brooklyn, NY Babs and Vague hosted their Queen of the Ring “Evolution” event. The venue stood pack with tension and excitement from fans waiting to hear the verbal warfare go down between some of their favorite female battle artists. Saturdays line up consisted of Bonnie, Phara, Shooney, C3, Precyse, QB, Don laydii, Matrimoney, and 40 bars. Check out some photos from this weekend’s event as well as footage from a past battle.

Uneeekay's Queen Of the Ring album on Photobucket

[Pictures curtsey of TheShopBlog]