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UNREAL!! ‘The Onion’ Disgustingly Calls 9-Year-Old Quvenzhane Wallis A ‘C*nt!

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Yet again! Another young black girl attacked by mainstream media for doing amazing things! Last night ‘The Onion’ the satirical website, took things WAY too far when they described 9-year-old Academy Award nominee Quvenzhane Wallis using the ‘C-word’. Read the disgusting tweet below:

Everyone else seems afraid to say it, but that Quvenzhane Wallis is kind of a cunt right? #Oscars2013- The Onion (@TheOnion) February 25, 2013


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Outraged by the tweet, folks like Roland Martin and Russell Simmons weighed in.

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The Onion has yet to address the tweet nor released a statement. According to the AP, the tweet was up for about an hour and was liked by at least 400 followers.

We are very disappointed and disgusted! However we are NOT surprised! SMH