Posted February 25, 2013 by DJ Fatfingaz in Media

Jay-Z Performs at Jermaine Dupri’s So-So Def’s 20 Yr Anniversary & makes a Statement [Video]


Jay-Z not only murdered it at the So-So Def’s 20 Year Anniversary but made a huge statement which I feel that was 1000% correct, STOP PERFORMING OVER YOUR VOCALS!!

I understand people have TV Tracks, adlibs & cue’s in their show tracks and artist tend to forget their words (we are not perfect) but people pay good money to see artist perform in the raw. Rappers / Emcees / Lyricist are ARTIST just as much as a singer is in any category.

Artist performing over their tracks like that to me is like a DJ coming to a party talking over their premixes or well known Mixtapes that made them hot when people come out to see them perform as artist as they are. Or let me cut deeper, THE ABUSE OF INSTANT DOUBLES when there is 2 turntables infront of you.

Sometimes it isn’t the DJ’s fault that they don’t have the instrumental for an artist which is fact, the artist should have all of that ready on a thumbdrive or something?!

Can the DJ live sometimes lol!

Performing isn’t about bringing it to the stage and singing over your favorite song as of your were in the shower, but more like making an impact as a Artist touching your fan’s soul and giving them every cent that person worked hard for.

My personal opinion: I feel performing over a song that has vocals in it devalues you as a Artist.

Adele sings her heart out and has to cancel shows for a reason because she blew out a vocal cord or 2 because she is puttin’ in that work.

There’ times where we DJ’s rock so hard hyping up the crowd we lose our voices, we puttin’ in that work.

I’ve heard stories of Emcee’s loosing their voices while touring but putting a 100% in every show, they puttin’ in that work.

Whether it be 5, 10, 30, 60 mins, you got give that show to the people.

I personally try not to 4 track any of my mixtapes so you can get that raw feel of listening it to it all and max out a full CD to 79:45! Why do I do this; so you can get that raw feel when you hear me live at a nightclub or mega club and give you that experience.

Jay-Z was only trying to express that….he wasn’t dissing the DJ, he was making a statement.

Plastic always melts under heat, but solid foundations make it thru any type of condition.

Jay-Z is that solid foundation.

Words & opinion by DJ Fatfingaz – Heavy Hitters, Thats Enuff & Team Fingaz