Posted February 24, 2013 by DJ Enuff in Sports

28 Fans Injured at Wreck at Daytona! [Photo] [Video]


Crash at Daytona 3

Crash at Daytona Fencing and part of his engine

Some of Larson’s engine parts cascaded into the fencing along with a wheel that flew 85 feet.

Crash at Daytona 4

Crash at Daytona fan injured

“It was freaky. When I looked to my right, the accident happened,” said Rick Harpster of Orange Park, Fla., who had a bird’s-eye view of the wreck. “I looked over and I saw a tire fly straight over the fence into the stands, but after that I didn’t see anything else That was the worst thing I have seen, seeing that tire fly into the stands. I knew it was going to be severe.” – nypost

28 Fans were injured in a 12-car wreck on the last leg of the Daytona 500 prelude second-tier Nationwide Series race earlier today! 12 of the fans were taken to the nearby hospital, and two of them were in critical condition (now stabilized)! Here’s the story… racer Regan Smith attempted to block Brad Keselowski on the last leg of the race, 20-year old rookie racer Kyle Lawson (No. 32) got jammed up behind them (and multiple cars) and went airborne; smashed up against the fencing injuring fans with parts, lost his whole front end, and later caught fire! Larson looked at his car in shock after getting out with barely a scratch! Check out the wreck pics above and the video below!