Posted February 23, 2013 by DJ Enuff in Funny

Crazy Toronto Fan Tweets About Running on the Court of Knicks-Raptors Game and Then Does It! [Photo]

Knicks Raptors Basketball

While the NY Knicks were losing a grip to the Toronto Raptors, 100-98 last night, a crazy Toronto fan divebombed onto the floor during the game! It turns out the fan, Devon Hicks, had planned it out on his twitter handle prior, and proceeded to jump on the court late in the game! He was bearing a shirt that said “Let’s Go Raps” on the front, and “Bucket List” on the back! Crazy! Most of the Knicks were like “What the F$@K?” Further that, Hicks even tried to start his own campaign, FreeDevinHicks lol… Check out the photos and his tweets right here!

Knicks-Raptors game crazy fan

Crazy Raptors fan