Posted February 22, 2013 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Melo Excited to be Reunited with K-Mart!

Melo Kenyon Martin Nuggets

“If he’s locked in, I think he can be a big attribute to this team,’’ Anthony  said at the morning shootaround at Air Canada Centre before the Knicks face the  Raptors. “I’ve been able to play with him for a few years and I know from a  basketball standpoint what he brings to the game when he’s locked in and  focused. I haven’t talked to him yet. People that I know have spoken to him and  say he’s been playing and he’s in shape, ready and focused. As long as that’s  the plan, we’re all for it.’’

“It’s for our defensive mentality – a guy who demands respect on the defensive  end and a guy who can play multiple positions,’’ Anthony said. “He’s a  tough-nosed guy. He’s definitely going to play hard. You don’t have to even say  that. That’s something I’ve been able to say playing with him.’’

Anthony added, “The familiarly of having everybody back with one another  definitely can help us a lot — knowing one another, playing with one another  before, having that chemistry with everybody. If he is focused and ready to  rock, I’m looking forward to it.’

“I watched film of him yesterday back in Clipperland and if he has anything left  in his tank, he can still help us,’’ Woodson said. “He’s a defensive player in  terms of rebounding, blocking sots. He knows how to play and been around. He’s  been in big games. He has some veteranship if he still has anything left.’’ – nypost

Carmelo Anthony used to be teammates with Kenyon Martin AKA K-Mart on the Denver Nuggets a couple years back, and is excited to be reunited with him on the Knicks! The Knicks picked up power forward K-Mart on a 10-day contract on Thursday after trading away small forward Ronnie Brewer to the Oklahoma City Thunder for a future second-round pick earlier in the day! All in all, the Knicks now have four former Nuggets: Melo, J.R. Smith, Marcus Camby, and K-Mart! The Knicks do have a plethra of experienced aging veterans: Kurt Thomas, 40, Jason Kidd, 39, Marcus Camby, 38, Rasheed Wallace, 38, Pablo Prigioni, 35, and now K-Mart, 35! Check out Melo’s comments above!